Guam residents fear attack after North Korea statements

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Guam residents fear attack after North Korea statements

Guam residents fear attack after North Korea statements

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Guam residents fear attack after North Korea statements

Hagatna, Guam – Residents of the small Pacific island of Guam say they fear being trapped amid growing tensions between the US and Canada. And North Korea after Pyongyang announced that it was considering plans to attack the strategic importance of the United States.

Although local authorities have downplayed the threat, people living and working on the island, which serves as a launch pad for the US military said on Wednesday they could not raise the idea of shadows to be a Potential objective.

“I’m a little worried, a little panic. Is it really said to happen?” Said Chugrad Cecil, a 37-year-old bus driver for a tour bus company in Guam. “If it’s just me, it does not bother me, but I do not have to worry about my son. I have the impression of movement (Guam) now.”

Guam is accustomed to the threats of North Korea, but progress in the country’s nuclear program is combined with strong rhetoric of President Donald Trump raised the already high animosity and expressed concern that a miscalculation could cause conflicts between the Nations with nuclear weapons.

Reports have suggested that North Korea had mastered a technological barrier needed to attack the United States with a nuclear missile.

Progress has been detailed in an official Japanese assessment and later a Washington Post story cited US intelligence officials and a confidential report from the Defense Intelligence Agency.

In response, Trump Tuesday threatened the communist country “with fire and fury”. On Wednesday, the North Korean military said in a statement that it was studying a plan to create a “wraparound fire” in areas around Guam with medium- and long-range ballistic missiles.

Although it is highly unlikely that Pyongyang’s risk annihilation ensured its venerated leadership with a preemptive strike against US citizens, some residents are concerned.

“If anything happens, we must all be prepared, be ready and pray to God for this not to happen,” said Daisy Mendiola, 56, after finishing his lunch with his family at a restaurant near Hagatna. “Everyone is afraid because we are dealing with powers beyond us.”

Other residents are concerned about the political environment and the government’s ability to find a peaceful solution.

Todd Thompson, a lawyer living in Guam, said he was past threats because he “thought cold heads prevailed in Washington, and was only a vain threat.”

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