Venezuela’s new assembly declares itself all-powerful

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Venezuela’s new assembly declares itself all-powerful

Venezuela’s new assembly declares itself all-powerful

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Venezuela’s new assembly declares itself all-powerful

The new constitutional assembly assumes more power in Venezuela, declaring the upper body in all government institutions, including the Congress controlled by the opposition.

This decree Tuesday produced hours after the delegates of the meeting have taken control of a legislative chamber and presented images of the late President Hugo Chavez, who installed the socialist system of Venezuela.

Delcy Rodriguez, head of the Socialist Party and the leader of power, said the unanimously approved decree bans lawmakers from Congress to take measures that could hamper laws passed by the recently established Constituent Assembly.

“We are not threatening anyone,” said Aristobulo Isturiz, first vice president of the Constituent Assembly. “We are looking for ways to coexist.”

Congressional leaders, who have previously voted not to recognize any of the new super-body decrees, said lawmakers try to meet Wednesday at the legislative palace dome, but there were doubts about whether security guards guarding the building would be to leave them get in.

Opposition to President Nicolas Maduro also faces another battle Wednesday in the Supreme Court of the Government, which has scheduled a hearing on charges against an opposition mayor of the Caracas area.

The judges sentenced another mayor Tuesday for not being against protesters during four months of political turmoil.
Calling the July 30 constituent assembly elections, Maduro said a new constitution would help resolve the nation’s political stalemate, but opposition leaders think it is a takeover and the president’s allies have said that Go after your opponents.

Before his decree declares the Almighty, the assembly expelled the Attorney General of Venezuela, established a “truth commission” that should target enemies Maduro, and pledged to “support
T and solidarity “with the unpopular president.

The latest outbreak of demonstrations began in early April in response to a quickly canceled attempt by the Supreme Court to support the government withdrawing the National Assembly from its jurisdiction.

But the problems have developed into a broad movement driven by anger against inflation of three digestible Venezuela, food shortages and medicines, and high crime rate.

Opposition lawmakers said Rodríguez’s security forces began the conference building late Monday and seized control of an unused assembly room, almost identical to where lawmakers meet.

“This government invades the spaces that it is incapable of legitimately winning,” said Stalin Gonzalez, an opposition lawyer on Twitter, referring to the overwhelming victory of the opposition in the 2015 parliamentary elections.

Before the meeting will be Tuesday, the Supreme Court condemned the mayor of the region of Caracas to 15 months in prison for not following an order to remove the barricades installed during the protests against the government.

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